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The key to mainstream adoption of 3D printing is availability of content. Tools such as AutoDesk and TinkerCAD make learning how to create 3D models much easier. At the Inside 3D Printing Expo, we saw another new tool that makes it simple for people to personalize existing models. It’s called Leopoly, a 3D model store and editing tool.

Though it’s currently in Beta, we got to see some key features, such as:

– Manipulation of the mesh to add new features, such as a second handle to a mug.

– Addition of color/shading

– Editing in Stereo 3D, which requires graphics card and monitor support and an optional 3D stylus.

Overall, Leopoly makes us _want_ to try customizing 3D models and we think mainstream customers will agree. We can’t wait to try the final version!  Check them out online:

If you are at the #3DPrintConf San Jose tomorrow, make sure to check them out and say Hello to Gábor for us !!