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Australia’s newest 3D Printer Store

Australia has it’s very first 3D Printing retail shop. The new 3D Printing Studio is located in the prime Rocks retail location in Sydney. 3dprinter_syd_storeThe 3D Printing Studio will offer training, 3D printers and filament sales and offer a printing service with a range of different systems and a wide range of materials.

Press Release Follows…

Australia’s 1st 3D Printing Shop opens in The Rocks
– Sydney follows the lead of New York and London to open an Australian 1st
15th August 2013 – With interest in 3D Printing booming of late, the 3D Printing Studio founders Stu Grover and Howard Wood have followed the lead of other pioneers in New York and London and established Australia’s 1st 3D Printing Shop in the trendy Rocks area of Sydney.
The founders will officially announce the opening in front of a packed audience of 3D Printing enthusiasts and industry people on Thursday 12th September. At the opening they’ll be demonstrating the ground-breaking technology by scanning attendees and 3D Printing them on their bank of printers.
With manufacturing waning in Australia and 3D Printing going mainstream, the technology is a great opportunity for Australia to maintain and grow its manufacturing base. This opportunity was recognized by the US when Barrack Obama announced a $200 million investment in his State of the Union address shortly followed by the UK’s David Cameron who has committed £14.7m in 3D Printing projects.
Grover and Wood said that “3D Printing promises to make domestic manufacturing more competitive than overseas manufacturing due to its lightweight footprint, high level of customization and speedy delivery”. With the opening of the Studio, Sydney based manufacturers can now order parts and receive them the very same day at a fraction of the cost of having them manufactured in China. The founders said that “3D Printing promises to be the next Industrial Revolution with mass personalization replacing mass production. No longer will we order size 8 shoes – instead we’ll be ordering shoes which are specifically manufactured to fit our own feet in our favourite colour”.
The shop is laid out like a gallery of gadgets with 3D Printed Art, Machines and Supplies which give people an introduction to the technology. “For a lot of people it’s the 1st time they’ll hold a 3D Printed item in their hand and the uniqueness of it is sure to inspire the creative side in every Australian” Grover said.
Training will be a major part of what the studio offers with courses for 3D Printing newbies, Architects, Jewellers, Designers and Artists being run two evenings a week and at weekends.
“Bringing your ideas to life is as simple as sending over a design file,” Wood said “the studio is a one-stop shop for everyone’s 3D Printing needs”.
Released on behalf of the 3D Printing Studio by Stuart Grover
For more information, please contact: Stuart Grover on 0417064644
The 3D Printing Studio is Australia’s only high street shop dedicated to 3D Printing.